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Tristone  solid surfacing is  seamless and non-porous and therefore an hygienic and easy to clean counter-top material. With superb design potential, imaginative shapes and designs are at your fingertips. 
A superb quality product, competitively priced and durable, offering effortless maintenance and cleaning. Tristone is perfect for use in domestic and commercial kitchens, bathrooms, retail outlets, offices, schools, restaurants, and other spaces that welcome high performance solid surface. 

Advantages of Tristone: 

  • Attractively priced
  • Superior Quality product
  • Over 30 colours to choose from
  • Wider sheets becoming available
  • Thermoformed colour matching sinks & bowls made to order.
  • UV resistant Tristone sheets available for external wall cladding
  • Non-porous, Bacteria resistant
  • Heat, moisture & stain resistant
  • Impact resistant and durable
  • Can be easily repaired 
  • simple to maintain and long lasting


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